Prince William Virginia Indecent Exposure Laws

It is considered as a serious offense and indecent exposure when a person is used to expose the private parts of a woman in public spaces. It is also a crime when he acts like this in the presence of other people. The indecent exposure consists of sexual intercourse and masturbation as well along with exhibitionism in the public places. The person who is found of conviction of this offense then he can be sentenced in jail for 12 months and the fine which he has to pay will be USD 2500. The penalties will be more if the person will be found in exposing the private parts of a child who is below 15 years of age.

It should be kept in mind that if the person is found convicting this crime then he will be registered in the sex offender registry of the state. It will be a severe case because this registry will impose serious impacts on the personal and social life of the person along with problems in a number of issues such as housing, employment, and loans. In this article, Prince William Virginia indecent exposure Laws will be discussed in detail. Let’s have a look at it.

Campus, Township, and Campus ordnances

The indecent exposure is not only to ban in state-wide but it is also an undesired act locally and there is some local ordinance that every citizen living in a particular society must abide by.  To get the more information you must check the township, local city, and campus rules. The indecent exposure laws sometimes become more difficult for a person who has committed an offense. So it will be necessary for them to consult a trusted and experienced criminal defense attorney so that you can get assistance in a specific situation.

The Section Code and Penalties for Indecent Exposure

The section code which defines the indecent exposure is 18.2-387. The things which are prohibited are the intentional exposure of the private parts in the public places and the places where other people are also present. According to Prince William Virginia, indecent exposure laws, the masturbation and sexual acts between the agreeable adults is also known as indecent exposure. It is a misdemeanor if the person is intentionally exposing the private parts and the punishment will be about 12 months in jail along with the fine of USD 2500.

There are also the enhanced penalties if you are exposing the private parts of a child less than 15 years and it is a felony which can result in imprisonment for 10 years along with fine. The breastfeeding in the public places has the exceptions and has no penalty.

If you are being charged with this offense then you must immediately contact a firm that can help you in this situation. In Prince William, there are many experienced lawyers who have the complete knowledge about the state’s law and can guide you will in any situation. They will work a lot to seek dismissal and reduction of your charge and it will be beneficial for you in many ways.