First time offender Grand Larceny in Virginia

Grand larceny is the category of stealing the property or once goods. The person is liable for a charge for this offense if he steals the property of worth more than $200 or does robbery of worth $5 or more. USA laws are strict about this crime and allow no compromise on the punishment for this offense. According to law, all grand larcenies are theft but not all thefts are considered as larcenies. The Virginia law has Cleary defined the Grand larceny as well as punishment according to the number of goods stolen.

Examples of grand larceny theft

Grand larceny theft involves stealing of different types of the product or goods from the owner. This may involve the snatching of the purse with credit cards, the presence of more than $200. Pickpocketing, vehicle theft, stealing of home or office goods and the precious items. Thus, the law states that unlawful possession, carrying, leading and riding away from the property comes under grand larceny offense.

Penalties for first time offender Grand larceny

According to Virginia laws, the offender who convicts this offence is liable for the punishment as well as the specific fine. The person who does crime for the first time is liable for imprisonment of not less than one year and the jail time may be up to 20 years. The time for prison all depends on the amount of money stolen. Sometimes the offender does not get the punishment according to grand larceny felony if the amount just exceeds to $200. Along with the imprisonment the offender will be charged with the fine up to $2500. The amount if fine also depends on the amount of the goods stolen. First time offender Grand Larceny in Virginia has to face the punishment as no compromise is present in penalties.

Hire an attorney

In case if you are victimized and your things are stolen. It is important to immediately report to the police to catch the thief. Once the police get the grand larceny offender, immediately hire a lawyer who can fight your case. Try to hire an attorney with good repute as well as good experience for handling a particular case.

The capable lawyer will listen to your request and study thoroughly about the case. He will make file according to mitigating as well as aggravating factors that go against the criminal. The reputable law agency always cares for the client and discuss case face to face. He always studies case properly and collects the evidence to prove the case against the criminal.

If you are facing the problem and want to recover your goods from the thief it is good to hire your legal advisor immediately. Call your attorney, get the free consultation and visit his office so that he can start his job immediately. The good lawyer never wastes his time, he makes plan, schedule it and work on it. He always keep you in touch with the case. to give the offender punishment for first time offense is not a difficult task, the capable lawyer will make a strong case file with aggravating factors and the jury will make decision in favor of you.